What is going on at Hertford Buddhist Group in August

Hi there,
I hope you are having a great Summer.
It is possible that we will have a 6 week introductory course on Buddhism and meditation starting in Mid September.
It would be designed to be very useful both for complete beginners who know nothing on either topic, and also seasoned Buddhists and/or meditators to look at their practice with beginner’s mind which is something highly valued, as it is easy to get stuck in a rut.
It will probably be free of charge – although we do ask for a small donation of about £5 per evening to help cover our costs.
We have not got all the details nailed down yet, but I am personally really hoping it will go ahead.
Once we have more news, we will announce it on our blog, Facebook and also Meetup.
We have never done anything like this before in Hertford, and it is not known whether we will do it again. So it is a potentially life changing opportunity for people to come along and join us, and make some new friends.
Just to let you know what is happening at Hertford Buddhist Group in August:
Tuesday night (Tonight)
8th August Padmajata giving a talk on someone from the refuge tree
Classes as usual on the other Tuesdays. Probably lead by Rob.
Thursday night
10th August Nandaketu leading the class
17th August Keith or Leah leading the class
24th August Mangala leading the class
31st August Khemananda leading the class
I hope to see you at some of these
All the best