What is going on in July

Hi there,

Tuesday evening meetings are looking like this for the rest of July, with a theme of Buddhist teachers on the refuge tree;


The Refuge Tree is a picture of historic Buddhist teachers, as well as mythical beings, that inspire our vision in Triratna.


4th- Peter leading meditation, Rob talking about going for refuge to the sangha, the refuge Tree and Yogi Chen

11th – Talk from Rob about a Buddhist teacher from the Refuge Tree

18th – Leah and Helen leading the class

24th- Talk from Rob about a Buddhist teacher from the Refuge Tree


Thursday meetings is our regulars class. If you have been on Tuesday nights a couple of times (or more), and can meditate without instruction then you are very welcome to come along and join us on a Thursday night. Same time, same place.


Khemananda came along to lead last week, and Mangala is coming on Thursday 6th July. Leah will lead the meditation on that day.


Other great stuff will happen on the other Thursdays after that.


We also have hired an allotment in Hertford, and several sangha members are working on that – mainly at the weekends. If you would like to join in then have a word with Sarah, who is normally at the Tuesday class.


all the best