What is going on in Feb (and some exciting news)


Just to let you know what is going on in February (and a bit of March)

Exciting news. Our friend Vajragupta (who wrote the book we study sometimes) has said he will probably be able to visit us – probably in February and March.

I don’t know yet exactly when he will be able to visit but I will send out another email when I know. But it will be a one off, so try and come if you can!

Tuesday nights (drop in, everyone including beginners welcome and full meditation instruction given)
6/2 – week 5 of the course lead by Keith and Leah
13/2 – week 6 of the course lead by Keith and Mangala
20/2 – lead by Keith. Vajragupta’s book – Buddhism: Tools for living your life
27/2 – lead by Rob, studying Vajragupta’s book- Buddhism: Tools for living your life

Thursday nights (regulars’ night, everyone is welcome but there is no meditation instruction, and the teaching can go a bit deeper)
8/2 Rob will lead an evening celebrating the parinirvana of the Buddha (i.e. when he died)
15/2 Padmajata will lead a talk about the perfection of ksanti (patience)
22/2 Keith is leading a puja (devotional ritual)
1/3 Rob will lead. Topic is perfection of virya (energy)
8/3 Samadhi (meditative absorption)
15/3 Prajna (wisdom)

I hope to see you at some of these

kind regards