Course starting Tuesday 9th Jan. Also what is going on in Dec at the Hertford Buddhist Meditation Group

Hi there,

Just a quick email to let you know what is coming up at the Hertford Buddhist Group.

The most important points are:

1) No classes for Christmas week (26th and 28th Dec), and classes resume as normal on 2nd Jan

2) Introductory course on meditation and Buddhism.for every Tuesday evenings from 9th Jan until 13th Feb (inclusive). We will recap and also be using different material in this course from the one in September, so if you went to any of those evenings, please come again to this course.

And if you didn’t come to any, and if you have never been before, then please come to our course. It is totally designed as the best way to learn how to meditate, and find out about our group.

It is designed to be useful to both complete beginners and also experienced meditators. It assumes no prior knowledge. For more information, please look on our Facebook page or blog


Tuesday nights (drop in)
12th Dec – Padmajata leading the class on the Four Dimensions of Awareness (ie self others environment and reality)
19th Dec Khemananda is leading the class. Probably will be a meditation workshop.
26th Dec – NO CLASS
2nd Jan – Drop in class. Probably Keith is leading the class.
9th Jan – Introductory course on meditation and Buddhism.for every Tuesday evening until 13th Feb (inclusive).

Thursday evenings
14th Dec Sanghaketu is coming to talk about Confession in Buddhism
21st Dec – the last meeting of 2017, and we are going to celebrate mid- winter day with a meditation and Yule themed Green Tara puja. Please bring evergreen leaves and twigs of holly, ivy, laurel, pine, cedar, cypress, and the magical ash to add to the shrine.
28th Dec – NO CLASS
4th Jan – Regulars’ class.
11th Jan (and all future Thursdays) -Regulars’ class.

That is all for now

Have a great Christmas and New Year, and hope to see you at one of the classes