What is going on in October

Hi everyone,

We are currently halfway through an introductory course in Buddhism and meditation.

We were really blown away by the interest in this. We had a total of 40 people on the first night, 30 the following week, and 27 the week after.

Each night of the course is self contained, so you can still come along even if you missed some or all of the previous ones. The teaching is done by Keith, Leah and Padmajata.

We give away some sheets of a printed meditation diary that you can use to help get you thinking about your practice.

Tuesday nights – get here at 7.15pm for a very prompt 7.30 start.


3/10 = course
10/10 = course
17/10 = course

and then after that we just go back to our usual drop in classes, so you can just drop in when you feel like it. We have not finalised what we are doing on those nights, but it will probably be good 🙂

24/10 – to be announced
31/10 – to be announced

Total beginners (as well as experienced meditators and anyone inbetween), are very welcome to attend all or any of the above.

And if you have been a few times, are able to meditate without any instruction, and just want to find out a bit more about Buddhism then you are very welcome to come along to our regulars night on Thursdays. Same time, same place.

5/10 – lead by Rob
12/10 – lead by Khemananda
19/10 – to be announced
26/10 – to be announced

Hope to see you at some of these

Happy meditating 🙂