What is coming up including Vajragupta’s visit and our next course

Hi there,

This is who is leading the classes up until the end of March:

Tuesday nights (drop in, everyone welcome)
27/2 – Helen and Rob
6/3 – Vajragupta
13/3 – Leah
20/3 – Nandaketu
27/3 – Mangala

Also, advanced notice that the next introductory 6 week course in meditation and Buddhism starts on 17th April. It will be different content from the other courses, so come along even if you have done previous courses. And of course, no need to wait till then. Just drop in before that.

Thursday nights (regulars’ night)
For people who can sit silently for thirty minutes without instruction, and you want to explore more advanced teachings.

The last 3 of the 6 Paramitas (perfections)
1/3 – Rob – Virya (energy)
8/3 – Padmajata – Samadhi – (meditative absorbption)
15/3 – Mangala – Prajna (wisdom)
then the Four Reminders
22/3 – Leah – First Reminder – “The preciousness of human life”
29/3 – not sure yet who is leading – “The impermanence of the body.”

Here is some more info about Vajragupta’s visit on the 6th March:

The very highly regarded Buddhist author Vajragupta is coming to lead the class on the evening of the 6th March. Newcomers and everyone else are all very welcome.

He was director of the Birmingham Buddhist Centre from 1997 to 2005, and teaches Buddhism and meditation at classes and retreats in many different locations. He was also Director of the Triratna Development Team from 2006 to 2013 which supports groups such as ours across Europe.

We have chosen his excellent book “Buddhism: Tools for Living Your Life” https://www.amazon.co.uk/Buddhism-Tools-Living-Your-Life/dp/1899579745/ref=la_B0034OB71K_1_1 to study together for the past two years because it has incredible depth, but also presents the ideas in very simple language. Also it does it in a way which facilitates us exploring the path together, and discovering the truth for ourselves rather than having it rammed down our throats.

Anyone who has read or studied part of this book probably feels that they already know him a bit, having engaged with his very warm and creative heart and mind, so it is a great opportunity to meet him in the flesh.

He has also written several other excellent books: “Sailing the Worldly Winds”, “The Triratna Story” and has just released a new one “Wild Awake” about his experiences on solitary retreat.

His visit is probably a one off. I have been personally inviting him for about two years, and his schedule has thankfully finally made it possible.

So I will hopefully see you at some of the above