Sangha Soiree and then a new course on 10th Jan

Hi everybody

December is always a bit of a funny month and a mix of heightened emotions of various types. But at least most of us can have a bit of a rest once Christmas Day is over.

It is a special month too at Hertford Buddhist Group. Many of us are going away on retreat the weekend before Christmas with the Cambridge Sangha.

Then on 20th Dec we are having Sangha Soiree (back by popular demand).

So if you are a regular, and fancy giving some kind of performance, then just let me know at least a week beforehand (i.e. by 13th Dec or earlier). In the past we have had poetry, singing, musical performances, photography slideshows and also belly dancing! Also if you want to present a youtube video or something on a laptop, that should be possible.

Maisie has volunteered to bring her projector, so we should be able to watch videos or screenshares on the big screen, and I can bring my laptop and bluetooth speaker.

Also if you want to bring party food, eg cakes, crisps, non alcoholic drinks etc then please feel free 🙂

This is also a great evening if you have not been for a while and just want to enjoy a pleasant social night with us 🙂

Then the following week on the 27th Dec we are shutting up shop and taking a night off. It is a bank holiday then, and many of us are away or with family.

We are back on the 3rd Jan, and on 10th Jan we are starting our 6 week introduction to meditation and Buddhism course called “A Taste of Freedom”. It will include content from one of Bhante’s talks in 1979. It is perfect for complete newcomers as well as regulars. Real freedom actually arises on the arising of insight which means breaking through the three fetters.

So to summarise:

06 Dec 2022 Nandaketu – Experiential evening on the Triratna System of Practice
13 Dec 2022 Keith and Nigel with some reflections from Nigel’s recent retreat
20 Dec 2022 Sangha Soiree
27 Dec 2022 No class this evening. Bank holiday.
03 Jan 2023 Padmajata
10 Jan 2023 Week 1 of meditation and Buddhism course – Keith
17 Jan 2023 Week 2 of meditation and Buddhism course –
24 Jan 2023 Week 3 of meditation and Buddhism course – Mangala

That is all for now. Have a great December, and have a happy Christmas and New Year 🙂