New Drop in Meditation and Buddhism Course starting Tuesday 8th Jan 2019

You are warmly invited to come to a six-week (ie 6 Tuesday evenings) course for anyone wanting to learn how to meditate or find out about Buddhism or who wants to deepen their knowledge or practice.
All are welcome including total beginners, and people who know nothing about meditation or Buddhism. You certainly do not have to “be a Buddhist” or anything like that.
Many people have found these courses extremely useful and have made massive shifts in their life from them (if they carry on practising and attending after the course).
People report these shifts especially in areas such as more happiness, less anxiety and less negative emotions. The general goal is to be more content, more aware, have more loving kindness, joy, and ultimately more freedom from our reactive mind.
Repetition is important in Buddhism because there are different levels of depth, experience and understanding. If you have been before you will build on what you have learned and be able to go a bit deeper this time, so it is also suitable for seasoned meditators.
You can download a meditation diary at which has a different question every day to work with and record your experience during the course. This is totally optional, but if you do it, it will definitely help you have a deeper meditation experience.
If you want more information about the styles of meditation we teach you can go to where there are also links to downloadable mp3s that can guide you while you meditate, as well as youtube videos etc.
It’s fine if you can’t manage to come to every week, each one can be enjoyed independently so just come along and drop into any that you can make. Although like anything, the more you put into it, and the more you attend, the more you will get out of it.
The classes will be very friendly, welcoming and a lot of fun. There will be a tea and biscuit break half way through, so there will be a lot of opportunity to make new friends.
We don’t charge a fee, because Buddhists, we try and practice generosity. But we do have costs of course, so we do invite people to make a donation.
The course is held at our usual venue of the Millbridge Rooms (opposite Hertford Theatre). See the link below for a screenshot of our front door, and recommended car parks:
6 Tuesday evenings starting 8th Jan 2019 and after it finishes there will be a 6 week intermediate level course that is designed to follow on directly after it.
It is best to get there between 7.00 pm and 7.15pm, as we start shortly after that. Each class will finish at 9.45pm.
There is no need to bring anything apart from an open mind and willingness to explore your experience. However if you want to bring any cushions, mats or portable chairs from home you are very welcome.
If you cannot come to this course, you can also come any Tuesday throughout the year as we always warmly welcome any newcomers and beginners, and give full instruction.
All Tuesdays are drop in, and open to newcomers.
If you have any questions, please leave a message below, or alternatively direct message us on Facebook .
Hope to see you at the course 🙂