Exciting news

Hi everybody,

Exciting news – we have our first home grown order member in Hertford.

Kiranadhi (formerly known as Leah) had her public ordination on June 29th. Kiranadhi means “She whose Wisdom shines like a Moonbeam”, which suits her perfectly. We are looking forward to welcoming her back to Hertford when her ordination retreat finishes.

In other news many Buddhist centres are starting to re-open their doors and have face to face classes and retreats. Nigel and Maisie from Hertford are becoming mitras in a few weeks on Dharma Day in Cambridge. This festival will be amazing blast of positive energy and is open to anyone who attends our classes regularly.

Being a mitra means that they want to follow the Buddhist path at a deeper level and become more connected with our spiritual community. If you want to know more, there is a pdf available on the downloads page of our website ( https://hertfordbuddhistgroup.co.uk/downloads/ ).

(thanks to Bev for putting this montage together 4 years ago).

I am not sure when Hertford will start face to face classes again. I am thinking probably at the beginning of September, and we will have a 6 week meditation course starting around then as well. I will give you an update at the beginning of August.

But don’t wait till then. Please join us on zoom any Tuesday evening. More details are at https://hertfordbuddhistgroup.co.uk/ .

Coming up:

06 July 2021 – Padmajata
13 July 2021 – Jnanadaya
20 July 2021 – Keith
27 July 2021 – Karunadhara
03 August 2021 – Paramajyoti

I hope to see you at some of these.

Have a great July!

Warm wishes