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11 months ago

Hi there,

The Summer is sometimes a quiet time here in the Buddhist Group, but we have been fairly busy this year. We have averaged about 20 people on the Tuesday nights (although we did have very ... See more

1 year ago

Hi there,

I hope all is well with you and you are enjoying the hot weather, and any summer holidays (and/or retreats) you might have lined up. It is a bit too hot for me to be honest. But I know I ... See more

1 year ago

Hi everybody,

This is what is probably going to be happening in June. We have not got all the info worked out yet, but this is what we have at the moment:

Tuesday class
Drop in open class all ... See more

1 year ago
Padmaloka - Buddhist Retreat Centre

At least four men are going from Hertford for this Great Gathering. Should be an amazing weekend 🙂


Whether you've been involved with Triratna for four months or forty years, you can come on our Men's Open Summer Retreats.


1 year ago
Buddha Day: Bringing the Myth of the Buddha to Life

Cambridge Buddhist Centre are celebrating Buddha Day tomorrow, and many of us are travelling up to be part of it.

It is the biggest day in the Buddhist calendar, as it celebrates the enlightenment ... See more

Cambridge Buddhist Centre: Meditation, Buddhism, Yoga, Tai Chi, Pain Management. Courses, classes and a friendly environment to take your interests further.

1 year ago
What is going on in the Hertford Buddhist Group this month

Hi everybody,

Just to let you know what is going on in the Hertford Buddhist Group:

Tuesday evening Drop in class (everybody welcome to any Tuesday evening including complete beginners)

8th May - ... See more

1 year ago
What is Love?

This is the excellent talk "What is love?" by Suryagupta (the new chairperson of the London Buddhist Centre), that I played last week and this week.

She gives some very useful tips, metaphors and ... See more

With Suryagupta. LBC Dharmanight from 9th January.

1 year ago

Our friend, Andy Blackford, was going to come tomorrow night to talk about his work as a Buddhist prison chaplain.

Unfortunately he has had to postpone this visit at short notice due a trip up ... See more

1 year ago
8th Young Buddhists Retreat - NewsByte Nov2015

This is the video I played at the Tuesday class last week showing a young Buddhists retreat in November 2015.

As we age, it is easy to get a bit jaded, and to lose the excitement, openness and ... See more

In October 2015 the 8th International Young Buddhist retreat took place in Adhisthana where Singhamati handed on her responsibilities as Young Buddhists coordinator.…

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