Notes from our 6 Week Meditation Course with a meditation diary

Notes from our 6 week meditation course

These are 32 pages of notes that we handed out in our introductory meditation course that lasted 6 weeks. They include a meditation diary, so you can have a different question to explore for 6 days each week for 6 weeks (36 questions). Plus there are some very deep and useful teachings on our two meditation practices that are contained in the notes.

If you use them as guidance before and after you meditate, they will help you go deeper into the practices.

Thank you to our friends at the London Buddhist Centre for making these available to us.

Becoming a Mitra

Becoming A Mitra

After you have been coming along for 6 months or more, you might decide that you want to follow the Buddhist path at a deeper level, and become more connected with our spiritual community.  Then you might want to consider becoming a mitra (the word simply means “friend”). The above links to an excellent 26 page pdf booklet about this. You should be able to click on the link and read online, or download onto your device.

eg if you are using chrome then to download, you right click the above link and then “save link as”

Free book – The Triratna Story by Vajragupta

Click here  for a free pdf of the book by Vajragupta “The Triratna Story” which charts the growth of a Western Buddhist movement founded in the Sixties as the ‘Friends of the Western Buddhist Order’ (FWBO) and recently renamed Triratna Buddhist Community. From its inception in London, to its development worldwide, The Triratna Story takes you behind the scenes of a unique modern Buddhist community. Extract: ‘This is the story of a circle of friends dreaming a dream, and working to make it a reality…It’s the nitty-gritty story of how a community evolves. It’s a story of idealism and naivety, growth and growing pains, hard work and burn-out, friendship and fall-out.’

FAQ about historical controversy and unskilful behaviour in our movement

Click here for a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) in response to questions people have asked about historical controversy and unskilful behaviour in FWBO/Triratna, and the ways these are sometimes represented online. The main intention is to provide, in good faith, information believed to be accurate. The authors wish to represent what are often complex issues in a fair-minded way without over simplifying, aware that other views are possible and are already well represented elsewhere.