What is going on in October

Hi everyone,

We are currently halfway through an introductory course in Buddhism and meditation.

We were really blown away by the interest in this. We had a total of 40 people on the first night, 30 the following week, and 27 the week after.

Each night of the course is self contained, so you can still come along even if you missed some or all of the previous ones. The teaching is done by Keith, Leah and Padmajata.

We give away some sheets of a printed meditation diary that you can use to help get you thinking about your practice.

Tuesday nights – get here at 7.15pm for a very prompt 7.30 start.


3/10 = course
10/10 = course
17/10 = course

and then after that we just go back to our usual drop in classes, so you can just drop in when you feel like it. We have not finalised what we are doing on those nights, but it will probably be good 🙂

24/10 – to be announced
31/10 – to be announced

Total beginners (as well as experienced meditators and anyone inbetween), are very welcome to attend all or any of the above.

And if you have been a few times, are able to meditate without any instruction, and just want to find out a bit more about Buddhism then you are very welcome to come along to our regulars night on Thursdays. Same time, same place.

5/10 – lead by Rob
12/10 – lead by Khemananda
19/10 – to be announced
26/10 – to be announced

Hope to see you at some of these

Happy meditating 🙂



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what is going on in September

Hi there,

As summer passes we move into the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

We are going to have a six week introductory course in Buddhism and Meditation starting Tuesday September 12th lead by Keith, Leah and Padmajata.

This is the first time we have ever done this in Hertford, and it is really an excellent time to start coming along if you are:

  • a complete beginner, who knows nothing about Buddhism or mediation, but would like to find out a bit more
  • have not been for a while and would like to re-engage
  • are a regular attendee (as it is really good to go back to the basics, as we can get stuck in a rut)
  • and everyone else

There is another blog post dedicated to this or you can also look on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/HertfordMeditation/ to find more information. But you can drop in and drop out, and it is also totally free. We do ask for a donation of £5 to help towards our costs, but it is not compulsory.

Tuesday Nights (drop in)
5th Sep – Rob leading the class
12th Sep – Introductory course in Meditation and Buddhism
19th Sep – Introductory course in Meditation and Buddhism
26th Sep – Introductory course in Meditation and Buddhism
3rd Oct – Introductory course in Meditation and Buddhism
10th Oct – Introductory course in Meditation and Buddhism
17th Oct – Introductory course in Meditation and Buddhism


Thursday Nights (regulars – open to everyone who has learned both meditation practices we teach)
7th Sep – Leah is leading the class – an evening devoted to the great and inspiring Tibetan yogi Milarepa
14th Sep – Nandaketu is leading the class – an evening devoted to the great and inspiring Japanese master Kukai. Nandaketu went on a pilgrimage in Japan a couple of years ago to retrace Kukai’s steps
21st Sep – Rob is leading an evening of dedication ceremony, Triratana Vandana, meditation and puja.

I hope to see you at some of these


Introduction to Meditation and Buddhism Course starting the evening of Tuesday 12th September

A six-week course for anyone wanting to find out about Buddhism and learn how to meditate or who wants to deepen their knowledge or practice.

Each evening will start very promptly at 7.30 pm, so best to get there between 7.00 pm and 7.15pm. Each class will finish at 9.45pm.

A lot of people are coming, and we only have limited spaces, so please get there early (anytime after 7.00pm) to avoid disappointment.

Starting Tuesday 12th September to 17th October

All are welcome including total beginners, and people who know nothing about meditation or Buddhism.

It is also suitable for seasoned meditators to come and to really go back to basics and give their practice a real boost.

We will give a daily meditation diary which has a question to work with every day and record your experience. This is totally optional, but if you do it, it will definitely help you have a deeper meditation experience.

It’s fine if you can’t manage to come to every class, each one can be enjoyed independently so just come along to any that you can make. Although like anything, the more you put into it, and the more you attend, the more you will get out of it.

The classes will be very friendly, welcoming and a lot of fun. There will be a tea and biscuit break half way through, so there will be a lot of opportunity to make new friends.

We don’t charge a fee but instead ask for a donation towards our costs. A suggested amount is £5 per session but it is entirely voluntary and we don’t monitor who gives or what is given.

The course is held at our usual venue of the Millbridge Rooms (opposite Hertford Theatre).



Hope to see you at the course 🙂


What is going on at Hertford Buddhist Group in August

Hi there,
I hope you are having a great Summer.
It is possible that we will have a 6 week introductory course on Buddhism and meditation starting in Mid September.
It would be designed to be very useful both for complete beginners who know nothing on either topic, and also seasoned Buddhists and/or meditators to look at their practice with beginner’s mind which is something highly valued, as it is easy to get stuck in a rut.
It will probably be free of charge – although we do ask for a small donation of about £5 per evening to help cover our costs.
We have not got all the details nailed down yet, but I am personally really hoping it will go ahead.
Once we have more news, we will announce it on our blog, Facebook and also Meetup.
We have never done anything like this before in Hertford, and it is not known whether we will do it again. So it is a potentially life changing opportunity for people to come along and join us, and make some new friends.
Just to let you know what is happening at Hertford Buddhist Group in August:
Tuesday night (Tonight)
8th August Padmajata giving a talk on someone from the refuge tree
Classes as usual on the other Tuesdays. Probably lead by Rob.
Thursday night
10th August Nandaketu leading the class
17th August Keith or Leah leading the class
24th August Mangala leading the class
31st August Khemananda leading the class
I hope to see you at some of these
All the best

What is going on in July

Hi there,

Tuesday evening meetings are looking like this for the rest of July, with a theme of Buddhist teachers on the refuge tree;


The Refuge Tree is a picture of historic Buddhist teachers, as well as mythical beings, that inspire our vision in Triratna.


4th- Peter leading meditation, Rob talking about going for refuge to the sangha, the refuge Tree and Yogi Chen

11th – Talk from Rob about a Buddhist teacher from the Refuge Tree

18th – Leah and Helen leading the class

24th- Talk from Rob about a Buddhist teacher from the Refuge Tree


Thursday meetings is our regulars class. If you have been on Tuesday nights a couple of times (or more), and can meditate without instruction then you are very welcome to come along and join us on a Thursday night. Same time, same place.


Khemananda came along to lead last week, and Mangala is coming on Thursday 6th July. Leah will lead the meditation on that day.


Other great stuff will happen on the other Thursdays after that.


We also have hired an allotment in Hertford, and several sangha members are working on that – mainly at the weekends. If you would like to join in then have a word with Sarah, who is normally at the Tuesday class.


all the best





June is Buddhist Action Month

The essence of Buddhist Action Month (=June) is to encourage individuals and groups to get involved in taking action to benefit the environment, other people, our local communities or society.

In Hertford we have chosen food as our overarching theme for the month, increasing our ethical awareness of the impact of our consumer choices and caring for others with generosity

Go to https://www.hertsbuddhistmeditation.co.uk/buddhist-action-month for more information

Exciting news – Broxbourne Buddhist Group is going to move to Hertford and merge with the Hertford Buddhist Group.

Exciting news!

After a year and a half the Broxbourne Buddhist Group is going to move to Hertford and merge with the Hertford Buddhist Group.

The final evening at Broxbourne will be Thursday 22nd June.

We are starting a new class for regulars on Thursday evenings in Hertford starting 29th June. This is in addition to the existing drop in class on Tuesday evenings, at the same location (Millbridge Rooms opposite the Hertford Theatre), and at the same times (7.30 pm to 9.45 pm).

More info is at https://www.meetup.com/Hertford-Buddhist-Meditation/

This Thursday night class is for people wanting to go a little deeper, and who want to find out a bit more about the Buddhist path. Hopefully people will be able to come both on Tuesday and Thursday nights, as this will have a MUCH stronger effect than just coming once a week.

I have thoroughly enjoyed creating and participating in the Broxbourne Buddhist Group, but there does seem a bigger need for a second night in Hertford, so I have decided to move the class there.

So. This is what is happening:

6th June Leah and Bev launch BAM (Buddhist Action Month) – with free food in the break!
13th June Keith and Rob’s stories of going for refuge to the sangha
20th June Padmajata on the true individual, the group and the spiritual community
27th June Leah on Dhardo Rimpoche

29th June Launch of the Hertford Buddhist Regulars night with Keith and hopefully a few others

Broxbourne – final 3 classes will be lead by Keith with a discussion from the book Buddhism Tools for Living your Life
8th June
15th June
22nd June

Hope to see you at some of these.


Activities in May

Hi everybody,

At every class we will share in a meditation practice, either the Mindfulness of Breathing or the Development of Loving Kindness. Suitable for beginners, each meditation practiced will be explained and led by experienced leaders.

This is what is going on in May

Broxbourne Buddhist Group
Thursdays at St Clement’s Church Hall, Turnford

4th May: Mangala
11th: Keith
18th: Padmajata
25th: Padmajata

We will have a meditation in the first half, and in the second half we will usually discuss themes from the book Buddhism: Tools for Living your Life

Hertford Buddhist Group
Tuesdays at the Millbridge Room, Hertford.

Continuing our travels through the Buddha’s Noble Eightfold Path,

2nd May – Perfect Effort – Rob
9th May – Perfect Awareness – Mangala
16th May – Perfect Samadhi – Khemananda
23rd May – we will enjoy a practice of a Buddha puja led by Padmajata, in celebration of Buddha Day.
30th May – Padmajata will begin an exploration of the Sangha Jewel with a talk about what makes the Triratna Buddhist Community different from more traditional Buddhist movements.

Also on Friday 26th May – meditation and puja at the Quaker meeting room, Railway Street, Hertford 7.30 – 9.30. Date and venue tbc. Please text Rob on 07754930902 for confirmation
In May we have the biggest Buddhist celebration of the year celebrating the Buddha’s enlightenment:
Sunday 14th May – Buddha Day (also known as Wesak) at the Cambridge Buddhist Centre, see http://www.cambridgebuddhistcentre.com/events/event_details.php?eid=4537
and in London https://www.lbc.org.uk/event-details/buddha-day-festival-470
hope to see you at one or several of these