Please click here to go to the meditation page  if you want to learn to meditate, or deepen your practice

We have a weekly drop in class on Tuesday evenings. Total beginners are very welcome. You do not need to “be a Buddhist”, or even to know anything about Buddhism or meditation. You don’t need to bring anything, and chairs are provided to sit on.

This is held at  Millbridge Rooms (opposite the Hertford Theatre). Get there between 7.00pm and 7.15pm. We will have a tea and biscuit break half way through and finish the evening  at  9.45 pm.  Click here for more information about the location and parking. This class is co-ordinated by Keith.

It is absolutely fine to arrive late. Just enter as quietly as possible and sit down. It is also fine to leave early.

If you want to join our online community, please do some (or preferably all) of the following:

  • sign up to our email list on this page. We normally send out just one email a month to let people know what is going on
  • Visit https://www.meetup.com/Hertford-Buddhist-Meditation/ and click “join us”, and RSVP when you are coming to our meetings. You can use first name only, and don’t need a photo. This is an excellent free site, and helps us stay connected with each other. You can also message each other and/or leave comments etc.
  • If you are on Facebook, like our Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/HertfordMeditation/  and like, comment, share some of the posts, and sometimes check in when you come to our class.

And of course come along to one of our meetings.

We normally get between 20 to 50 people – (average is about 32) every week. This normally includes several newcomers who know nothing about Buddhism or meditation.

We practise two traditional methods of meditation:

1) Mindfulness of Breathing (this is a basic mindfulness meditation. As your thoughts gradually quieten down, you enter a deeper, richer, space).

2) Metta Bhavana (allowing loving kindness to arise, and directing it towards ourselves, a good friend, a neutral person, someone we don’t like, and expand outwards to all beings in the Universe).

If we do mindfulness of breathing on one week, then we usually teach metta bhavana the following week, as it is important to do both.

If you practise these meditations regularly, and set up the right conditions, they will start to affect your daily life, which can lead to feeling lighter, happier, more joyous, kinder etc.

I would definitely recommend that you meditate every day – maybe start at 10 minutes a day , then fairly quickly increase to 20 minutes a day. You will find meditating for 20 minutes a day makes a tangible difference. And then you can make it longer (30 to 40 minutes), as suits your lifestyle.

The classes are taught in a Buddhist context, but you do not have to “be a Buddhist”, or even know anything about Buddhism.

The classes do build on each other, and you will go deeper into the practices if you come to several of them. But at the same time I will try and keep them all as self contained as possible, so you can drop in and out, as you please.

You do not need to bring anything. We have mats, cushions and chairs available for you to sit on, but if you have a meditation stool or something like that, you are of course welcome to bring it.

The first half of the class will be meditation, then we will have a tea and biscuit break, then in the second half there will be some teaching and discussion on meditation and/or Buddhism. It is definitely not about believing in anything. There is no “God” in Buddhism, and we learn from our own experience rather than believing things because it is in some ancient scripture, or because a guru told us to believe it.

If you ever want to discuss your meditation practice, or have any questions about Buddhism or about how to get more involved or take things to a deeper level please feel free to ask one of the teaching team, who will almost always be able and willing to give their input.

The classes are free of charge, but if you could possibly contribute towards the room (and other) costs, this would be greatly appreciated. Suggested donation is £5. We are not funded from outside, we have to cover all the costs ourselves for this class to continue.

Please contact myself, Rob, Leah or Helen if you have any questions. There are a couple of ways of getting in touch:

Take your pick. Or just turn up one Tuesday 🙂